price of ready mix concrete

  • Our Ready Mix Concrete High Wycombe concrete plant started operations in 1989. Our concrete plant operates in High Wycombe. We manufacture ready-mixed, floor and hydrotechnical concrete. In order to ensure proper properties of the concrete mix, a network of factories located throughout the country was created. Initially as a supplier of aggregates, and then expanded to include concrete production. Currently, we are a leading supplier of concrete and concrete mortar in the region, which due to its production facilities and its own rolling stock, as well as experience gained, is able to carry out complicated tasks set by the customer. We support investments related to individual, multi-family, road construction, as well as water and sewage management and obtaining energy from renewable sources. Thanks to several concrete plants throughout London, we can quickly deliver "concrete on the phone" to construction sites near High Wycombe.

  • We transport concrete with modern Mercedes and Man concrete mixers tailored to the needs of our customers. Depending on your needs, we can offer transport with concrete mixers with capacities from 5m3 to 9m3, or Putzmaister pump trucks that can transport up to 6m3 and deliver it at a distance of up to 28m. For more demanding, we offer a Sermac concrete pump on the body of a Mercedes Actros. This modern device with a capacity of 170 m / 3 per hour allows concrete to be fed at a distance of up to 32 m. Qualified employees will help you choose the right equipment for your needs. Each delivery of concrete is provided with a computer printout of the order containing data confirming the compliance of the delivery with the order. Order the concrete delivery High Wycombe service from your consultant.

  • Our company Ready Mix Concrete High Wycombe has specialized, modern equipment for transporting and pumping concrete. Devices recommended by us, irreplaceable in construction works, include different sizes and capacities of concrete mixers, pump trucks and concrete pumps with outriggers. Thanks to their durable construction and maneuverability, the concrete pumps allow to reach any, even hard to reach, work area. A properly designed boom enables construction works at high altitudes, and the compact design of the device means that the concrete pumps are suitable even for long-distance transport of building materials. Available devices in our offer include: concrete mixers with a capacity of 10m3, pumps with a reach of 24m and 28m and pumps with 36m reach. Order the Concrete pump High Wycombe service from our consultant.


  • Our Ready Mix Concrete High Wycombe concrete plant produces concrete mixes, mortars. Our concrete mixes are made of materials supplied by reliable suppliers with whom we cooperate throughout the country. One of the leading manufacturers of construction chemicals. The recipes for the concrete mixes we offer are designed only by civil engineers with the necessary qualifications from the Building Research Institute, based on our own laboratory tests. For the sake of the natural environment, our production plant is equipped with a state-of-the-art equipment cleaning and concrete recycling system. For the sake of providing our clients with the highest quality products, we have subjected our Production Control system and certification conducted by an independent certification unit, which constantly controls the production process. Concrete tests are carried out in our factory laboratory.

  • The main profile of our activity is the production of Ready Mix Concrete High Wycombe, i.e. in accordance with the European standard. High Wycombe concrete - a material resulting from mixing cement, fine and coarse aggregate, water, and possible admixtures and additives, which obtains its properties as a result of cement hydration. Our factories ensure the supply of the following range: ready-mixed concrete, hydrotechnical concrete, floor concrete, concrete used in civil engineering, concrete mortars, screeds. We provide transport using concrete mixers with a capacity of 6 m3 and 9 m3 and pumping concrete with 18 m and 39 m reach devices. The location of the concrete plant and the amount of rolling stock owned enables the continuous delivery of concrete within a 60 km radius in the amount of 500 m3 / 12 h. Our production network allows for convenient delivery of concrete in High Wycombe, in particular for investments implemented in the London area.